Michael Basinski

Michael Basinski is the Curator of the Poetry Collection of the University Libraries, University at Buffalo. His poems have appeared in Dandelion, BoxKite, Antennae, Unbearables Magazine, Open Letter, Torgue, Leopold Bloom, Wooden Head Review, Explosive Magazine, Deluxe Rubber Chicken, First Offense, Terrible Work, Juxta, Kenning, Witz, Lungfull, Lvng, Generator, Tinfish, Curicule Patterns, Score, Unarmed, Rampike, First Intensity, House Organ, Ferrum Wheel, End Note, Ur Vox, Damn the Caesars, Pilot, 1913, Filling Station, fhole, Public Illumination, Western Humanities Review, Vanitas, Talisman, Yellow Edenwald Field, and Poetry.

IMG_0095 IMG_0092 learning poem flyleave 300 dpi

Learning POEM about Learning about being a POET; letter pressed cover and hand sewn. Printed in an edition of 110 black covered copies and 10 pink covered copies, with 23 black covered copies having decorated flyleaves by the poet.

Black Cover Copy; $10:

Pink Cover Copy; $15:

Black Cover Copy with decorated flyleaves; $30:

* Please note: As of 2/26/13, for all orders to be shipped outside the United States, kindly add $5 for postage due to USPS increases by clicking here:

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