Echoplex and Good Country available NOW!

Two new chapbooks up in the catalog: Good Country by Cary Stough and Echoplex by Carolyn Bergonzo. Each are printed in an edition of 100 then they’ll be gone. Forever. So get ’em while they can be got!

The Manual of Small Wars, Volume 2 Available NOW!

An especially happy Monday!

BT Shaw’s new chapbook, The Manual of Small Wars, Volume 2, is now available in our catalog tab. You can learn more about BT Shaw and her work at her website:

Printed in an edition of 100, the chapbook features a letterpressed cover and is hand sewn. Price includes shipping ($10 domestic/$15 international). Thank you for your continued support and hope you enjoy the newest addition to PressBoardPress.


New Chapbook by BT Shaw available Monday, February 27, 2017

Hello everyone,

It’s with great pleasure to announce that Monday, 2/27/2017, BT Shaw’s The Manual of Small Wars, Volume 2 will be available over in our catalog.


Shaw’s chapbook explores the complex impressions left by these persistent “small wars” that uphold the tenants of empire. Through a series of poems, brief histories, and erasures, Shaw’s collection delves into the dark areas of our psyche, the traumas we and our loved ones live through, and the (often tragic) commonness of our human condition.

Grateful acknowledgment to Jacob Collins-Wilson for co-ordinating this publication, and, as always, thanks to everyone who supports this little press.


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Kate Colby’s “Engine Light” nominated for award

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Hello everyone!

PressBoardPress published the wonderful Kate Colby’s chapbook “Engine Light” earlier this year, and now it is nominated for “Poetry Collection of the Year” at the 1st Annual “The Dorrys!”

Please take a moment and VOTE for “Engine Light” at the link below:

Thanks for all your continued support!


NYT Review of Joseph Massey’s Illocality

Stephen Burt of the New York Times reviewed Joseph Massey’s newest publication from Wave Books, Illocality. Burt writes:

A Massey poem is a revelation of place. The first lines resemble horizons, where “sky divides to frame / a version of / a world.” Like a photographer, he knows where the light comes from and where it goes: In “Route 31” he finds “Each strip-mall pennant blurred./ So much ­metal / shoving sun / the sun shoves back.” As in landscape photography, much has happened and much could happen, but we don’t watch as it happens. Nor do we meet people.

Part of Illocality, titled “Thaw Compass”, was published as a chapbook by PressBoardPress in 2013. Since the chapbook quickly sold out, the only way to read “Thaw Compass” is to pick up a copy of Joseph’s newest book!

New Chapbooks Available

PressBoardPress is proud to announce the release of FIVE new chapbooks from Kate Colby, Nava Fader, Jessica Scicchitano, Grady Chambers, and Patrick Riedy with linocuts by Tom Rooney.

Available over in our catalog, these chapbooks account for a years worth of work. Head on over and buy one (along with work from years past) and I’ll be sure to ship it out as soon as possible.

Cheers and thank you for continued support,