A Poem by Meta Knight

Yeah, it has been said a million times before
But that doesn’t necessarily mean it shouldn’t be said again:
It doesn’t even matter if these missiles are fired or not
They are having their effect upon us
There is an inverse relationship between creativity & money
Science, psychology has mapped this relationship on a giant colorful graph:
In terms of almost everything, things are getting more vaporous, more fluid
National boundaries are being eroded by technology and economics
You are being paid in paper—but really you are being paid in an abstract swarm of bytes, like FarmVille

A lot of conspiracy theorists, they find it comforting, secretly
The idea of the Illuminati & the CIA & whoever controlling our lives and destinies
It’s comforting not to have to choose, like an infant

I am very fond of the anarchist proverb regarding laws—good people have no need for them, bad people pay no attention to them
So what are they there for, other than as a symbol of power?

Dude, I straight pulled that shit from Alan Moore’s Wikiquote page, like a plagiarist
Sue me
If all you want is plot, go & read a Tom Clancy novel
If all you want is consciousness:
Welcome to the internet

Nothing ever ‘ends,’ bb

If Christ were only ever fiction, a divine Idea, would this invalidate the social change inspired by that Idea, make holy wars less terrible, or human betterment less real, less sacred?
Pop quiz:
Which is more important to you?
A. what is real
B. what is meaningful
Consciousness is unquantifiable, a ghost in the machine, barely considered real at all, like Sasquatch
Organised religion has corrupted one of the purest, most powerful & sustaining things in the human condition: It has imposed a middle management, like a restaurant—Denny’s even
Mind has come up with this brilliant way of looking at the world, Science,
But it can’t look at itself; Science has no place for the mind
Things are getting increasingly abstracted
The world is heating up, too
Thanks a lot, CO2
I’m not a millionaire but I’m very comfortable doing what I do
& I’m more productive now than ever
I will go vegetarian, then vegan
I will get healthier
I will grow exponentially, curving off the top of this colorful bar graph
Hunger could be solved, theoretically
We are farming vegetables, virtually, on FarmVille
Whereas we could be graphing more things, gathering more data
No, that wouldn’t do it either
You don’t want to become information overloaded, now,
Do you?

Profile: Meta Knight

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