Five Poems by Will Burke

staple my ckin

staple my ckin

back shut.

the scaple

was accidental.

and money.

i was filing my nails

and dying

my hair.

to be u.

spooky louder

spooky louder

spooky larder

get the fuck

off my face.


u fort fidget

u fort fidget

under ston

a ripping

rain. plate.

cancer’s poo

is growling

up the cot

under the

eve. a slid

glad. comb

thinks itself

brwny headd.

a ll mu lesions

melt lke flwer

will o the brillo

will o the brillo

is bouncing

off to die.

like an advertisement.

the reel boner

the reel boner

ws misplaced

in one of yr

howdy hollers

chum box.

quit at noon.

Profile: Will Burke

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