“1/1/13: 3am” by Scott Krave

while your toes are darting back and forth
under a cloud of words
my thumb prints feel motionless
because everything is still
until the moment that it isn’t

I am a picture and a face to you
hanging on a wall and wanting
the sea to extend through me
like it were some grand notion
which I don’t know how to capture

the flint sounds of a belt and water towers
and an earthquake underneath

and I don’t know how to be a living thing
it’s just something I am

I feel like I have to function in some way
but precisely which way is unknown

I am a bunch of scraps of paper all balled up
and thrown out of my mouth and toward you
like an attempt to create something in me
that you thought was beautiful
even for just a moment

Profile: Scott Krave

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