Five Poems by Samantha Seto

Darkened Moon

Madness – nature’s dark magic
trained in my own method
teardrops from nightmares,
dwells in worlds of unreality.

At the corner of the alley,
with dark and wet sidewalk
that merges between two streets,
you sit among unknown figures.

Black cloaks and mixtures
of magic potion:
a disposition of nature
it chills me, raging heavy wars.

Your poison from chemistry in bewitched coffee
is arbitrary blackness of tension,
to dwell in hellish origins.

Fury from pain-streaked purple eyes,
you burn outright argument
from depths of unfair mankind.

Deathly silence awaits me,
beyond despair buried in the grounds,
as companions storm at the sight
of unbelievable fairytale.


I didn’t have a chance to say goodbye.
Tears form at the corners of my almond eyes,
My heart is a black flower in hands of darkness.

Tylenols for the depths of fever lay on the table,
in the sunrise of morning, my eyes have stains of pink.
Dreams of falling from atop a building, coming to you.

I would die a hundred times for my heart to meet yours.
The wet magnolias petals in the churchyard
root my weeping into the ground.

Ode to Mist

Free spirits soaring in the wind,
spiraling to end of the earth,
always invisible from night.

Autumn leaves flow in painted gust,
I move through fields of daffodils,
wander up prairies and down small hills
as if I was a melody that you created for me.

We race to our hidden spot
tall grasses wave in sunlight.
Prisoners held captive
at our tree fort for make-believe.

The sky buries sunlight, replaces clouds,
dome of air creates silent reflection in water,
to arise and unbuild phantom in dark relief.

With frames of rocks on the sandy shore,
the sunset brushes sandpaper against me.
I hear voices in the wind,
but rain clouds appear, vanished.


Dust fairies dance to paint the wall
in darkness of shadows.
Candlestick illuminates,
impartial to the burning scent.

Blending moths rustle in and out
of gray curtains as I plaster
pages of written letters,
smearing ink on the walls.

One glass tile broken in the window,
from the outside looking in, paper catches fire,
circling the floor, in time warp.

Emptied water spills in the center,
like birds on fire, whirlpool down.
Ghosts of those who remembered,
refuse gravity to pull me down.

Tarnished mirror reveals blackened flesh,
blurs of rouge on my face.

Enigmatic nature of visions
my life flashes in front of me,
ghosts hold death in their arms –
immediate in forceful impact.

Darkhorse Melodies

Spiritual awakening,
restless salty waters crashing,
mermaids along the edges of cliffs,
waiting until after sunset.

Strum of a cello, harmony in salty wind.
Chambers of sea voices
drown majestic waters that rise,
king of the ocean.

Pink shades blur the horizon,
sandpaper beneath my feet
pinches the blisters that
erode walking barefoot.

The melody stands alone,
a quiet symphony of strings
sings from heart of the earth,
echoes my name in canyon walls.

Meditation in soundness of birds,
stand at the rim, leaping into character.
Here I am, wild to roam these lands,
lifted up, an explosive dive.

Buried somewhere below
ocean’s sea level,
wicked magic hidden, kept safe,
transformation by the Darkhorse.

Profile: Samantha Seto

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