“Untitled” by Hanna Rajs Lundström

You can pick out the music. She won’t argue with you, she’s not listening. You know that, you don’t care. You can sing along, use your mouth for something. Go to a restaurant, buy her food, she’s not even a lesbian. Buy her drinks, watch her drink them, buy her a t-shirt. She’s not afraid of you, she doesn’t care enough to be. You’re drunk, get a grip. You can drive somewhere, watch the sunset, smile into the air. God damn, she’s really pretty. She has a boyfriend somewhere, you can’t remember his name, you don’t care. You’re unable to talk to her. Don’t spend your time trying, you look like a teenager in love. When you open your mouth, you will realize that you have no idea what it would say. You can go to the beach, it’s so lonely, not shared with anyone. Take your clothes off, and think for a moment that you can see her heart beating red under a thin layer of skin and ribs. The water is cold. Close your eyes. Maybe they broke up, maybe that’s why she’s so quiet. You can throw her a towel, you’re prepared for this, she’s shaking from the cold, you can go get coffee somewhere. Maybe you could ask her to sing, make her use that beautiful voice of hers. She’s a great singer, you already know that, that’s one of the things you like most about her. Also, she’s a smoker, you like that, you offer her a cigarette, she takes it, smokes it. You watch her, oh man oh man, she’s really pretty. You want to ask her something. What’s your boyfriends name again? What’s your favorite band? Do you wanna go get a beer or something?

Profile: Hanna Rajs Lundström

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