“The Dad” by Luke Weldon

The dad dozes in front of the television with his feet propped up on the couch.

The dad has a dream of being overtaken by a stronger woman. The woman is on top. She takes off her bra. He feels her slip herself on top of him. The dad looks at her breasts. She grabs his arms, elastic with fat, and holds him down. He turns his head to her shorts on the chair, then to his jeans on the floor. The woman’s eyes are closed hard. She bites his lip. The dad thinks about the stretch marks on his thighs.

The woman collapses next to the dad. He looks down at himself. All there is is wiry tangle and a small mole and flatness. He turns toward the woman. It is inside her like a cork.

While the dad dreams the television becomes blue and full of water. It rushes out the bottom of the screen in currents.

The dad dreams the mom is holding their child. The dad slaps it out of her hands. It falls to the floor like coins. He takes the mom’s hair in his fist. It pokes out in clumps. The dad thinks of straw.

On the television a commercial for a news program appears. The water reflects it upside-down.

The dad dreams he falls into the painting Wheatfield with Crows by van Gogh. He flies through the fat oily brushstrokes.

A cat sits on the porch and peers in at him.

The dad looks at his wrists and his hands are clocks.

Profile: Luke Weldon

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