“Hunger Holes” by Blank White

Note: the packing material utilized suggests that what once was inside has now been removed. It took a bow in its own filth. There was a statue made from duct tape corroding contrapposto in the alleyway. Some leaves stuck on the reaching fingers as doves shat on it. Homeless men chewed on it, sucked the nutrients from the silver skin. When they were children, urchins living in the street multiplying like rats bursting at the seams of their denim they would steal the buckets of food from restuarants, the ones that are kept secretly under the table, where everyone deposits their masticated meals.

In the floor in the basement there is a giant garbage disposal gnashing its whirring teeth gears in a starved machine shooting out little jets of oil like bursting veins the foundation of the house cracking like pie crust under its ardor its clashing the feathered splintering of wood

Exhibit 1.b
This fence post has a clown face drawn on it with Dorito powder. Underneath it is scrawled

Exhibit 1.g
Beneath this lampshade there is a Barbie suspended by her melted hair tangled on the incandescent bulb. The heat has warped her face. She looks like a child underwater, looking away from the sun.


“Watching people eat is sort of like watching people masturbate. To me, personally, it might be sicker. I feel guilty when I watch people mash glue and glitter into their gums. The smacking, the machinery of the thing frightens me…the noise, the noise is eruptive, consuming me consuming my hair and not letting go that Cabbage Patch Kid that scalped a fourth grade girl comes to mind something dead in the eyes jaws moving


“Cut the shit and fuck the hole inside of the hole the secret passageway of your entrails excites me what can I probe out of you what can I soak up with cotton stuck to the head of my dick with a piece of gum what can emit from my breasts what will blister in my palm a wetness left too long becomes the mold that mosses my email account my hourglass is breaking itself because it is a logo and not a thing


NOTE: The basement is completely full of sex dolls made from a variety of objects. Wood. Gum. Rubber. Ice. Oil. Leaves. A crowd of cameras are pointing towards a green screen with a kiddie pool in front of it. The kiddie pool is yellow and full of petroleum jelly. There are drawers with masks, wigs, teeth, eyes. A table with makeup and a wall-sized mirror. There are dildos and buttplugs and a faux Christmas tree. There are coolers of meat, oats, creams. There is a bookcase of cassette tapes. There are microphones in the doll holes. The dolls are in compromising positions. Some are missing limbs. There is a torso made from granite, so detailed it could be real.

Over 32 hours of video footage were recovered.

Profile: Blank White

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