“Leaning” by Amity Downing

No one blinks.
We are all hypnotized by the beaming, blinding light
heading right towards us it seems
the train itself has somehow gotten to our level and is
charging with recklessness in mind
The train is crazy, insane
We lean over the brittle railing
the superior ones with their arms out
though all of us are screaming with childish carelessness
Here it comes yikes profanities spill uncontrollably out of our gaping mouths
the chickens step down
then the wind comes and molests us, shrinking our skin
The train shrieks down below and the wind never
lets up and we are amazed and breathless and out of our minds
The blood rushes to our heads and we feel like skipping
we are so close you could jump and maybe land or not
whoosh it’s gone
on the rail trail to some other town under some other bridge
with small town kids bundled up in coats and hats, blankets and boots
leaning over the broken railing and waving at the conductor
and screaming profanities but loving every minute of it
feeling so free and untouchable
and so small.

Profile: Amity Downing

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