“Words and Letters Look Wavy” by Megan Boyle

Words and letters look wavy or something, they like, don’t stay the same size for very long

Keep having retarded epiphanies like ‘people can move things,’ ‘I’m surrounded by oxygen,’ and ‘fire is scary’

Unsure if I’m seeing lines anf shapes correctly, this seems like what ppl w glasses must endure

Feel like part of me has been constantly falling since I was born

Does your brain just stop processing information when you sleep

ppl w social anxiety shld try staying awake for a long time, seems to reduce inhibitions

Sleeping is like taking a break from being alive, it makes sense that depriving myseld of that break would cause me to focus more on things I want from life bc I’m spending more time being alive (so why would I feel inhibited about anything)

They are playing ‘love will tear us apart’ by joy division in this travel plaza bathroom plaza

First name travelplaza last name bathroomplaza

There was pee in the toilet already but I chose this toilet over maybe 50 toilets for some reason

Just remembered a foreign gas station employee asking me if i was ok and telling me to be careful with a lot of conviction in his voice

I dont know why he said that but in the moment it seemed like the nicest things anyone could ever say

It was in new jersey

Am surprised to hear when people dont like that song ‘love will tear us apart’

Also surprised when they like it really strongly

Ok now I’m done feeling surprised

All music sounds like variations of the same thing to me, am I defective

Am I complaining

Someone opened stall door next to me, rejected it, went in other stall next to me, is peeing now

No one else is in here, they chose to pee next to me

They were determined to pee directly next to one side of me

They would not have it any other way

If they think I’m coming out of this stall while they’re washing their hands they are dead wrong

Thought i was hearing a song in my head but then realized person was humming

It has been a long time since their toilet flushed

I can hear them moving in their clothes, seems like they want to torment me by not leaving the bathroom

I’m saying ‘they’ bc I can’t see them so there is a small chance it could be a man

A door just opened

Unsure if it’s a new person

Maybe there are a lot of people who have been in here all along


Preparing to attack

Seems like I should be able to trade being asleep for something that isnt being awake

Profile: Megan Boyle

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