Two Poems by Melodie Davis


I wish you didnt
have to sleep
dream of things you
don’t wish to see
who ever was it
that claimed
it was a good idea
to love
when all you end up with
is a lack of what you need
like sleep
and them


I walked out into the sea just yesterday, but as you know,
I came back again. I was jealous of the shore,
who is,
and will be,
forever loved by the water, who so softly kisses her all day long,
and passionately,
at night when there’s no one to see but the moon.
I walked into the water, whispering softly to myself
‘Take me, why won’t you take me’
but each time my feet lifted off the ground, and I became weightless,
the water threw be back out, into the lap of the shore.
The moon laughed, ‘what a silly human girl
so weak,
so frail
no wonder they all end up the same way
crying by the river shores
with empty eyes and such sore hearts’
So you see, my being here is through no fault of my own
I’ve tried, but the water will not have me, nor will sleep
no medicines or poisons will keep these eyes shut
no pills or powders will quieten down this mind of mine
No one but you
ever had the power to be what the water is to the shore
every minute of every age, since the beginning of time
the only one who never broke his promise
to never stop kissing her for as long as he lived
not for as long as she wanted him
so night after night, I listen to their quiet whispers
and never ending kisses
wishing I could lay there at the bottom of the sea

Profile: Melodie Davis

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