Two Poems by Alyssa Yankwitt

All That’s Left of Coherence

previously published in

Thick TV fuzz.
Black gone white gone
Matter & correspondence
compose memories (objects
designate their own importance).
Peripheral view.
Ashes scatter like ants
across pavement once
all the poems have
burned up
postcards & photos next.
The tequila bottle is almost

The Other Side

Break that dark piece of memory from her mouth
watch it swell and fissure like smoke;

The disease of the heart is terminal
she remembers and then forgets.

She dreams a beautiful death a waterfall
a string section of angels’ sighs

her ear opens, the arc of sound blooms
a flower beneath a rock.

In a cave a dark river running through
silence divides itself incessantly.

She’s a golden sphere set on fire by song
embracing an aurora of regret.

Profile: Alyssa Yankwitt

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