Two Poems by Sage Lee

one night you will see

one night you will look at the pillow that
has the outlines of her face etched on it
and realise that the covers are
not keeping out the cold

you are going to stare at pixelated pictures
of goddesses with their hands on their roses
and maybe, just
maybe, that night you will pretend her lips are on your ear
breathing into your soul
(do you have a soul)

this night you don’t need a lamp or the streetlight
to see that it is heaven
and you don’t need to see
to remember how she took you to heaven

it is only hell in the day, when
there is no ‘her’ or ‘her’ or ‘her’
just ‘her’
the one that took you to heaven
but you only saw in hell

pleasure is pain and love

pain is my kind of
pleasure, you know
i love you like i
hate the dirt under my
like i
hate the salt water
on my pillowcase
like i
hate the straight lines
that set free my wine
like i
hate the cold windows
so dark i can’t
see the wind
love with the leaves

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