Six Poems by Nava Fader

Gangrene in the evidential (J.H. Prynne)

purrings or trimmings detritus
awash the bathroom eye-
cup eyeteeth wash rinse
repeat processes

bagged up big toe will you
identify the body its
essence something other
flaky skin atopic derma-
titis orbis apple dessicated
and sightless see

scraped away tendril moss
licks its way across stones porous final
exhalations feed are jelly for
and will teem with

spore against our wishes

Voyages (a false translation “Voyelles,” Rimbaud)

Armoire beckons blue and murmurs, and in you stirs
buds, blooms in water, foment you hid
well. And at night, your corseted velvets, mustaches, and éclairs

make the adam’s apple in my throat dance. Candied vapors form tents
or poison gas promise as glacier to fire, carnations to ivory. The bells will
be frivolous at their sounding. Frayed expectation awaits
a paycheck for what inexplicable thing it done while the ivy hung its head

and remembered and disremembered a sonar virility completely
lost on you, remarking upon the patter of animal semblances, pony rides.
Of what, the alchemists study the great design or pinch from, pray to, lock
in vials, and on their thumbs what residue?

Of all nightsweets (Basinski)

to see by sewing ends of
knit up babies’ braids demarcation
between night and day eludes us
and more pressing that was then
this is now curdled milk a mystery
of kinds how long
have you been feeling this way

chapped lips trail
markers sore that won’t a case of
open and shut violation of microbial
consistencies the road ahead

of curatives the road
of directive: gather

by the roadside leaf and together
apply compress and watch for
if the fluid runs clear clearing
eyes forward contextual red
and its brethren quality

of breath standing at the cross-
road tomorrow fitted out
for travel

black stars in the even (Basinski)

crisp as crepe ash pan hands
blackbird arms width windowspeed

sweep whispers to and in ovens
mittened against and how many might

fit life with the gentlest of bears
so laughingstock lunassa
checkout girl pull me in this here rope tether
titer titrate in steps measure vials vanillas

hair plait blue willow the smell from the grating
onion dust percentages of prognosis forecasting

certain weathers
to brick by blue-
print scope of a plan and position
for lakeside strolling umbrella and a small

dog ice cream kisses untoward wrought
frazzled handscrabble the gates featured
prominently iron as ash is

Pinned wings of blossoms (Basinski)

scabbard pen-
cil tips atrophies or if we’d nurtured
wingsprout tweeze hand eye
coordinates the vast blue unmapped

scrabble down recesses yield
treasures you must learn
to pronounce deviance from and where situated
on the continuum genus

species are for us divergence
systematic infestations pinned
as broaches so near our hearts
ornamental in the hair corsage shellac

your beauties hard-spun won latinate
philosophia what’s eating us
from the inside out

all hushed and still within (Bronte)

insides vestibular parlor a place
of ferment torpid inroads

to uproar watermelons
burst open mouths at the ready

open air all armpits
sunning the rash secrets

flask bound genie
simmers embroiled requisite

wishes and such and such
years sitting pincushion promise

she will
and before the sleeping

have sung have spun
have drawn

blood and after
to wake a kiss

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