Three Poems by Jordan Castro

10.10.11. 5:30AM

awake to watch the sun rise for the third night in a row

drinking coors banquet brand beer

in my dorm room


vyvanse, hydroxyene, xanax, caffiene, nicotine, marijuana, alcohol

earlier i sat on a blanket in grass with mallory and aaron

later i went to a hipster bar then a gay bar then a hipster bar

tomorrow i will get my paycheck

try not to spend it all on drugs

try to believe in myself despite no one else believing in me

finally do some laundry

get my stupid fucking life in order


the hand of life extends
as though to
greet me

then slaps me in the face repeatedly


the intense bleakness of an unrung steak

a retarded urge to yelp

watching ‘hamlet’ in english class

the teacher just yelled at someone for sleeping

i hate being alive

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