Two Poems by Karissa Satchwell


I am fine
we are nothing
this is it
you came inside me
melted like chalk in the rain
monitor lights are a silent soundtrack
I am fine
my chest tightens
this is no blood pressure test
this is nothing dramatic
there is a boy and he smokes
and he doesn’t say anything
our eyes are not the same color
there is so much to say and nothing
sex is more than sex
drugs are more than chemical interactions
so shouldn’t your face buried in my neck mean
something tell me
there is a boy and he peeled off your skin
kept it as a souvenir
he touches you without knowing it
if he knows it he drops the thought like a one day rental
pressed tight together
we are the dirt in the same grave
only I revisit

global warming

I haven’t been high in awhile
my body sweats beads that string themselves
into a rope hoping to swing their way off of my body
I exhale something toxic do not touch me
the air reeks of a winter that wasn’t cold enough
to kill the bacteria on the surface of my heart
the heat didn’t hibernate
it waits under my fingernails
lets take shots and sway slow
lets hold our kneecaps
play me that song
don’t you dare play that song
I am too sober
I am too sober
I don’t want to build a fort to our childhood
I want to build a time machine to take me to any place
where the ghosts don’t wait I hate this fucking song
it pounds like a hand to the ass
rip me open
let the heat release
this is supposed to be cleansing
you never asked how I was
I am possessed
shaking in the moonlight
summer shakes us
heat fills my veins
its been over a year
I have never not ached

Profile: Karissa Satchwell

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