Three Poems by charlene sz

late night sentiment


it was nice having sex with you on a staircase
was nice to meet you while you still lived
wonderful to have had jumped on you first

even better
when I was the first one you ate out of

I’ve got no more hair to tie up

my heart’s strewn in drink
late night monologue

with stars and black sky plus
that late night sexy man I made up in my mind

and fucked – then found my original self
a whole lot better
a lot stranger and

than now

to be with you

I cross barren gardens with a twine stick
Dragging loose green leaves, deep
And this split catches on earth’s spit
We took our vows beside a chasm

That knew how blind love made fingers interlace
For it saw lovers lie between itself, coupling and
Striving to make one of themselves
And of the earth as it was so alone there

I’ve got you echoing my name
Rubbing your hands furiously so they’ll erase
My fingerprints. But the soil thickens
And my blood’s growing thick with disbelief

We remember swimming in the ditch
Feeling the mud with feet that grew close together
And then apart: like tired drifting eyes
Hackled to each other, some lousy melody.

Fissures, roots untied, slender fingers
And you thought I wasn’t stronger
I let light filter in between your spaces
For when I lie bare, then your back is made of sweat

You are like a seed

you are like a seed, so closed
in the beak of a hummingbird
so open in the secret of one moment
one moment drunk, with too much oxygen

time coaxes your head out of a sorrowful burrow
out of a long time, out of when i am already gone
while you will be lovingly ingested,

and passed out
of my mind, the skin you shed – captured and
frozen and thrown out into biting wind
that snarls at my ears, that carries heavy things.

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