“insert title here” by Zara Cassidy-Coss

perusing the social network
he is the melancholic drunk in a sleazy bar
whiskey breath nuances
comments unheard, he embraces the familiar
pictures of the past, the former
no moving on, he’s stuck to the chair
sending mixed greetings up in the air
he’s lost the art of forward thinking
as the faces of the past slowly return provoking memories to indulge
hoping one will press his slouching shoulder and say
“man you’ve had enough”

“you’ve had enough of this lie, mischief and crave”
craving the one person he viciously pushed away
seriously you’ve had enough
his stale breath, on the same chair
his fingers at work, gaining attention from those far and near
pours another, another to help linger
returns no wiser, no lighter
the same tension
the one he lost, insulted…the usual repertoire
his own insecurities aimed and fired
he closes his eyes and sips and smiles

man you’ve had enough, no wait
his curious eyes
his fingers tap and tap, tap, tap
there’s someone he once knew
sweet and kind
she’ll grab his shoulder and proclaim “it’s alright”
she’ll provide the strength, give the ego a rise
the attention, the praise

he sips some more and smiles awhile
lapping the thought a moment

enough of the lies

Profile: Zara Cassidy-Coss

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