Two Poems by Taylor Cohens

Page 12

i can feel it.
a wave of anxiety waiting to wash over me.
i could try to jump over it
i could try to run away from it
i could try to swim with it and pretend that it’s natural
but i’ll just lie down.
stare at the sun until it burns so much that tears build in the corner of my eyes
eventually flooding my face like a broken levee.
i’ll hear it coming as it vibrates the earth under me.
there’s no turning back because there’s nowhere to go.
it happens.
i am blank with no thought – just submerged.

Page 13

away from places i used to live
away from faces i once knew
away from hatred that’s within
away from everything that reminds me of you

please tell me the season is over
the love has went to its grave
show me a day in october
i can only wait

in my mind, painfully insecure, i’ll be thinking of words to say
when you see me i’ll be strong but deep beneath i wish you would have stayed

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