“Scott Adam’s Revenge” by Anne Highley-Smith

So back one day
when the stocks were low and the market was too
I sat at my desk and listened to my boss talk about how I was not selling enough of whatever his company sold
and how his wife should have my job because
she makes him buy things he does not even want
to that I mentioned that she does have sex as a bargaining chip
and that was when he asked me if I was implying that I would sell my body to make more sales but I told him that no one would buy my body and the attempt would only make things awkward between me and the customer
unfortunately he thought I was joking
when I was really being quite serious
so at this point neither of us knew who was joking
about what or about whom
and it was getting very uncomfortable and hot and stuffy in this
three foot by three torture pit they call a cubicle
but just when I was about to ask my boss to leave
he propositioned me
and of course I had to decline because not only was this man my boss
but he was married and his wife was a fragile little thing
who occasionally got too drunk at the Christmas parties and hit on all the custodial workers which was almost funny until it got sad
when she would stumble into a stairwell alone swigging champagne straight from the bottle but as I reminded my boss of his marital commitment
he only scoffed and said that I was a finer piece of ass
than his wife ever was to which I told him I was flattered but I doubted that was true
while I thought to myself that this conversation had taken a rather disturbing turn
especially as he grabbed at my thighs and began to sob wildly and he began asking me
why he wasn’t good enough
screaming that he was great in bed
which is when I punched him hard right in the mouth
and as I felt his teeth lash open the skin of my knuckles and
my vision get sharp
I realized that somewhere in between the yelling and the blood that all my colleagues were standing from their cubicles watching.

Profile: Anne Highley-Smith

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