“Afternoon in the Hospital” by Carlos Pezoa Véliz, translated by Esteban Lux

Tarde en el Hospital

Sobre el campo el agua mustia
cae fina, grácil, leve;
sobre el campo cae angustia:

Y pues solo en amplia pieza
yazgo en cama, yazgo enfermo,
para espantar la tristeza,

Pero el agua ha lloriqueado
junto a mi, cansada, leve;
despierto sobresaltado;

Entonces, muerto de angustia,
ante el panorama inmenso,
mientras cae el agua mustia,

Afternoon in the Hospital

The water pines over the countryside
It falls misty, graceful, light:
it rains.

Of course only in ample pieces
I lie in bed, lie sickly
To scare away the sadness,
I sleep.

But the water has whined
against me, tired, light;
I wake up startled;
it rains.

Therefore, dead from distress
in front of the immense panorama
as the pining water falls,
I contemplate.

Profile: Carlos Pezoa Véliz

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