Four Poems by Maggie Lee


i pushed us into it and then fell off of it
and kept falling
and falling alone
and falling
more alone
what is the terminal velocity of loneliness
because in eleven days
i will have been falling for five months straight
i keep track of it like an anniversary
trying not to finish falling, unless the anniversary stops
if i finish falling without you, i am hitting the ground
because how do i stop
if not landing in your arms
and how is that going to happen
i don’t see you as a superman, honestly
after all of this time
it’s just, this terminal velocity
going on, this way


my stomach looks like in the magazines when i twist my body in this way while lying down
my life looks like in the movies when i twist it around like this
like we are doing
like everyone has done to it now


the number of days is a large number, that have passed
it has waned to less
it is almost over, it seems
many of those days have painted the others
mostly those colossally saddening ones, from the past set
so mostly they have all been sad, in this past set
a clean rebirthed set is approaching
i am going to cry like a new mother
of a second child
a retry
after the first got fucked


i think it is nice that you know
me and i know you
and we like each other
that’s all i want to think about right now
what is going to happen next
that’s all i can think about right now

Profile: Maggie Lee

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