Four Poems by Ana Carrete

listening to roy orbison’s crying (bitch i might be)

not feeling sad
feeling okay listening to gucci mane
on loop forever
thinking about lots of drool
all over
my hair
and you massaging

sassy mami-fucker

one of my coworkers is having a picnic with her boyfriend
and i’m not invited
and i don’t have food
and i’m starving

so i eat a hot dog and pretended
(the hot dog is my boyfriend)

and my mouth does things

i have this mental image
that i can’t explain

kiss from a seal


something about the
dark side of me

a beach ball
a swimming pool
a seal but the sea creature
not the singer
a microphone
a hand holding it
a bunch of scars
a beach ball on a nose
a kissy face
the most ridiculous kissy face ever
and nothing else

eat my mood swings

takings drugs that may cause mood swings
three times a day
on an empty stomach
that means i don’t really want to kill myself
swallowing them
three times a day
now i get it
i don’t really want to kill myself swallowing them
three times a day
one in the morning with breakfast
(breakfast is brushing my teeth)
another one with lunch
(lunch is nothing)
another one with dinner
(dinner is the medicine and
maybe milk and maybe a burrito
or a granola bar because it’s ready to eat
and i don’t have to do anything
and i don’t want to do anything)

Profile: Ana Carrete

1 thought on “Four Poems by Ana Carrete

  1. loved these especially “sassy mami-fucker” and “eat my mood swings”. “kiss from a seal” was sweet too. Liked the drool, massaging part in 1st one.

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