Three Poems by Letson Williams

chinese translation # 13

cut and visit the sea
i can do it
the truth is there
it is a talented teacher
but fringe

chinese translation #17

did happiness hit you
on your way to the gate
the large numbered door
which is small
to the floor

people are much
and it will be possible
to hit
to smile
for them
to let you

would you want to go

is in there to know

chinese translation #33

the powder is a good thing
it’s not written for long
and time is the character-builder
even if things get ugly
we all know that the ghost builds a wall
from north to south
from both sides of her mouth
but a man who is amiable sincere and unshakeable
isn’t necessarily
comprehensively faithful
or even able
to escape the unstable
smiling and nodding but
starting to waver
it is not noble
to cut
you cut

do it how you like
to get things done
to make the most of the sun
to have a desire to communicate
the companionship
share both the good
and the well-fed
the quick
and the instead
a desire
for death and
but not only in education
also in
and pro cras tination

look to the full moon
through georgia fog
through decatur night
if the timing is right
look for the water
watch it rise
to the
shuffle your slow feet
face the smile
that is looking at you
it’s all that you have to do
you never know who is looking
at you

prayers wait for answers

color is beautiful

the wish waits for a coin

at the bottom of the well
but it is still
too soon
to tell

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