5 Poems by Daniel Romo

Good News

This fall, IKEA encouraged customers to breathe life into their homes by passing out free seedlings.

IKEA partners with American Forest in the
Plant a Tree program.

Buy an ENERGISK freezer,
get a packet of seeds!
Giving us green, means
going green.

Trees save energy and money,
and provide a natural cooling effect
to homes and buildings and clean the air.
At IKEA, we care.
And trees make great shade—
while dining on our garden salad and vegetarian crepes.

Different seedlings were given to different regions.
So Cal received Palm trees.
New England got Birch.

We also gave out free seeds at surprise locations
throughout the community, with—
tickets on the Blue Line.

IKEA is committed to birthing a better planet,
one purchase at a time.

LEOPARD High Chair Recall

December 2009 – September 2010

Snap locks that secure the seat to the frame can break, causing the seat to drop. The smaller the baby, the harder the fall. Malnourished children are hurt the worst. IKEA has received eleven reports of broken snap locks from outside of the United States. Strained peas would make a horrible last meal. Detached plastic doesn’t comprise a suitable desert. We’re doing our best to clean this up this horrible mess immediately.


Est. 2006 to help the world see,
Swedish ingenuity can always be enhanced.

Contributors post modifications and repurposing ideas
involving IKEA merchandise.


Step-by-step examples outlining embellishment,
improving upon practicality.

This site alters the IKEA furniture code.
Disrupts the natural order of finished products.

Corporate hierarchy has no patent on creativity.
A price tag on a product doesn’t equal permanence.

Customers can make inventor’s ideas all their own.
For those who can’t leave just purchased alone

General News


IKEA Foundation will enable UNICEF to provide treatment to
130,000 malnourished children.

And what of child #130,001?

Bloated belly filled with gas
and last strands
of body fat.

He drowns in dirt.
A black and white photo in a magazine.
Poster child
for famine and disease.

Flies hover above his head sensing
impending death.

An African afterthought.

Tossed aside like a rotten fig.
Because sympathy and donations
come with a quota.

Confession to IKEA Catalog

Sometimes when I‘m alone, I close my eyes and smell you. I bring your pages to my face and inhale your latest designs. Home furnishings stand for more than décor. BILLY bookcase is an extended metaphor. JAMKA food savers are everything repressed. You were sent to me from Baltimore. When I Google Baltimore the first thing listed is Ravens. The second is Sun. Ravens are dark, like sullen days. Sunrays are more agreeable to people. My favorite football team is the Browns. I’ve learned to love gray skies. And your KARLSTAD sitting chairs are so lovely. A screaming lime green centerpiece or a muted blue hiding in the corner of the room, for customers to choose from.

Profile: Daniel Romo

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