“maybe in empty areas there are answers to find” by Patrick Riedy

faint echoes of your perfume find their way to me when i’m passing strangers i can’t tell if they are people nonetheless i dreamt one of them was someone that really loved me for me

moments pass not quickly but slow like leaves fall off evergreen trees i think everything takes too long we are too tired and i’m always exhausted but i try to stay awake and keep my eyes on corners of photos because maybe in empty areas there are answers to find

i wear every smile knowing they’re little lies but for now i couldn’t care because each one helps fight the fear i still think you exist out there in the same place where all the colors and sounds rest before they return

every once in a while the wind will misguide you some days so much so that you won’t know where to go and only then will it seem so evident how much we confuse guilt with fear

remember how we picked children’s names and decided we only want boys because then it would be fun and easier to share all the things we love now that seems so far gone and if anything is ever true the future won’t be with you

it was all someone else’s idea of happiness we were chasing and tell all your other significant lovers that they’re the best and know that all any of us can ever do is hope every ending is as beautiful as the rest

where do you go when i’m alone

it was easier when i didn’t bother to know

Profile: Patrick Riedy

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