Three Poems by Kayla Rizzo

to be by

to the trended

mind lapse.

A door opens
the direction it shuts –
will you still
be able
to get into
the room?

The Sick Knock

this is a copy of the original –
the background adjusted
so you can see it’s depth
the foreground projected
so that wealth is in your face
colored lights
fog to eyes
eating sanctity serenity
petal-hammered platters
sputter the souls untruth from
center, skinny with hungry greed
man fights the conquest of man
winning the invasion


in order to sing songs
on birthdays
and Wednesdays
layers must be
like kiwi skin
just for the sensation

there is betrayal
at noon
looking through the window
“do you want me?”
waiting 10 mississippis
for a reply

it’s with the turn of leaves
greeting soil,
I get to thinking,
there are things I’ve said
into caskets
that I’d like to be able
to say to you

Profile: Kayla Rizzo

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