Two Poems by Patrick Riedy


inside your mind
a linear narrative of past time
there was a smile
in both our eyes
those quickly died
handholding and
swaying was easy in the early days
as we grew older
it was harder to believe in anything

there is an uneasiness
in the shifting of lines
in the cracking of the ground
holes you leave behind
warning signs
simple decisions you make today
stay with you forever
in some way

count to ten
unclench your fist
circulate blood
back to your wrists
i can’t imagine us ever being friends again
silently observe
every written word
respond to it in a manner
that lets all of the unimportant people know
you’re the one floating head above water

the impossibility of substance cultivating
under microscopic magnifying glasses
in the beginning
everything is better
i read your private letters
left behind
and understand anything worth sharing
was never mine
you just wanted me to carry your worries
for a little while
those that were too heavy for you
to ever leave behind

i fell in love with the idea of forever
with a notion
that the longer we stayed together
‘i love you’ meant more
never let the others know
about the notes you hid



one more day

you don’t understand
but i need snow
the way cold can grow
it makes everything feel like home
reminds me
that warmth is created
only for yourself


you can’t be late your whole life

and your ghost
sit comfortably
next to me
there are nine directions
in which a train can travel

belief is
hardest to find
in the simplest lies
over time
i’ll create so many
myths as a means
to solve everything

i’ll forget
and resist
locomotive echoes
and lonesome shivers
grey clouds
and rolling skies
concrete factories
and diesel steam

the colder it seems
the better we all dream
and departs
and all you can do
is think of me
thinking of you

it seems so simple
but you can’t be late your whole life
and no one
can be forgiven
for so much lost time

will you even
when our paths
would coincide
our lungs
shared the same air
the moisture
from each breath
forever occupying
our insides

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