Three Poems by KC Wilder

#81: a homage to m. lee dee

essentially she trudges through
the labyrinths of time,
a panegyric lamprey eel
alights around her heel
(under multi-colored spheres)
circuiting ionospheres …

oh so far from
straights & narrows
(whirring through her private bowers)
m. lee dee asserts her powers,

ceding to herr wilder
indescribable flair,
hinting at an ineluctable
james-dean-stippled baudelaire!

perhaps a tuft of langston hughes
in the creases of his shoes …
striking al pacino wordplay
on some dog day afternoon …

moonbeam backlit candied hearts
denote that she is there,
an intangible tintinnabular
rising from the neon-spangled
m. lee dee repository!

#382: unsustainable!

steward of truth,
a struggling poet
groping for support

(heavy-handed publishers
refuse to pay for anything)!

“this is unsustainable!”
writer in a huff,
“one cant live on promises!
it’s just not enough.”

#473: lament for the marginalized

lament for the marginalized
obscure & misunderstood,
reamed by the thickheaded
dim bulb authorities
draining the avenues of invention!

lament for the victims of atrocities
commited by powerful shortsighted men …
men whose corruption knows no limit,
men without scruples or morals!

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