Four Poems by Neon Glittery

felicity’s intensity

listening to some scratchy sixties record in your parents’ house
just us there and
w/my head on yr lap reclining on the couch
i look up and meet your eyes
and close mine
such emotion overwhelms me and i feel like
c  r yi n  g
this is rare

new sleep no thanks you sleep? sure, late
we are pretty current,pretty congruent
and with this assurance we go
and in this constant we show us
through air waves
through bad hair days
by our pillow talk
by our feet
we’ll walk
oh but

we stay
in our

day eight

as you sat on my bed you pulled something out of your backpack

you said you found it

it was a lightbulb
knowing you i wasn’t surprised i was more amused than anything
because who knows where and when and how you found it and what you were thinking bringing it to me on your 2 am bike ride to my apartment
guy schizophrenic and your off the wall aspirations

i know why you thought i would like it
you knew me well and
well i liked it
but that’s not what mattered that night
what mattered that night was your face

you brought it to me
and i kind of ate it

then i lit up with such electric surge
i would have shocked you
if you unscrewed me

skinny kid sprawled
grey cotton sheets
deep lucid dreams
slept in for weeks

Profile: Neon Glittery

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