Three Poems by Dave Gregg

d r i v i n g

we met at the moon
the night you sat nearby
on our drive into the city

you kissed me once
warm tongue skating
over the bone of my teeth

you whisper “love has the
shortest growing season of all”
I shiver and pull over no rush
to reach the city


they met one night a week
in any weather not a meeting
missed or one that I recall
just cups of java rarely spoke
but I never failed to hear them
rarely did they ever touch but
you felt them through the walls
this pair swallowed the room
and as the years passed they
kept meeting to drink the brew
we called it “relationship coffee”
I would kill for a cup right now


The clip-clop of cliché fills the hallway
“Does the bullshit ever stop?” he cries
His head gleams in the night light of
A hospital bed he’ll never leave “bullshit!”
He mutter as they insert shiny new tubing
bright and invincible a new organ snaking
In and out of his ravaged body they shave
His chest for more surgery “Just one more”
The girlfriend sings like Ernie Banks at a
Doubleheader “one surgery closer to health”
His surgeon suggests this is what incites his
Anger “One step closer to hell” he mutters

Profile: Dave Gregg

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