Two Poems by Letson Williams

thoughts made entirely of anxiety and propriety

your pale shoulder calls

through soft blonde hair

and being over prepared to go


your ‘bombed’ is all that i really need
to keep my journey going
to keep the wheels from slowing
so the terrorist doesn’t win

it must be in the soft blonde hair
the thoughts made entirely
of anxiety
and propriety

thoughts of
what did he mean
thoughts more often grey than green
thoughts of inertia
thoughts of the east
thoughts of what kind of help you can be

2:48 a.m. hiroshima bound

the drone doesn’t know

same as it ever was
truth is it never was

jumped jim crow just to have it known
that you wouldn’t let it go

it’s best for both of us

you know why
don’t look at my eyes
you might have to decide
that brown isn’t as blue as black is white
that couldshe wouldshe shouldshe might

this room felt a lot of tears
in those pre dawn years
where phone calls and whiskey
would have you believe that
four green lights make a green sea

that who you were talking to
was listening

man we don’t understand anything

no let me think for a minute


that’s just p l a i n bullshit

it’s not anything
that we want to understand
it’s everything

evv err eee thing

are you listening

has the port
in the storm
only the kissing
the missing the wishing
listing insisting

that surreptitious be swallowed
not watched or written

2:48 a.m.
hiroshima bound

Profile: Letson Williams

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