Two Poems by Joseph Farley

skeleton poem

the bones are
but there,

sounds hang
in the air,
seeming nonsense,

grating consonants
inside your ears,

nasals and liquids
sliding along
sensitive nerves,

and vowels.
So many vowels.

so much sinews,
linked into words.

mere skin and organs.

the mind,
the meaning,
the soul.
is there too,

but you
must sift through
flesh and entrails

with your teeth,

and chew well

to find it.


the ground shook.
it did not move
for you and men.
it just stared
up at us
while we watched
the buildings sway,
and understood,
as we did,
that all things
could end,
and some things
already had.

Profile: Joseph Farley

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