“Memories – Last Call: as told by K. Frank” by Michael Koh

I woke up yesterday morning in my bed to find someone fast asleep on my shoulder which was numb and I could not move my fingers for there no blood had been able to flow freely for an uncertain amount of time and I felt shocked and a little bit egotistical and maybe a little bit contemplative because I did not know who she was but after looking at her face for a while I was reminded that I had approached her at a bar to ask a question which ended up becoming a full conversation ranging from music to food to travelling to hobbies and back to food and I asked her to have dinner with me then and she agreed which surprised me and we went to a Thai place and had a pleasant dinner with a bottle of wine at our disposal and I remember drinking a lot of wine and the girl drinking a lot of wine and so we went back to the bar to drink more but I knew and she knew that we were going to end up going home together but we had to play the game that we all must play and if we skipped steps in the game we would end up in a grey zone and I didn’t want that and I could only assume that she didn’t want to either so we played along and pretended that we didn’t know what was going to happen later tonight and we talked about flying and what one would do if they had wings and we laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed until last call rolled around and much to my surprise she said she would walk me home and I stumbled out of my chair and grabbed her face and kissed her square on the lips and she grabbed my face too and stuck her tongue down my throat and I gagged a little bit and said that I needed some air and she smiled and said she did too and we walked to my apartment which is not that far away and she took my hand and said she was cold and my hands felt warm and she placed her head on my shoulder as we walked across 8th Avenue and I saw the paling lights of the city embrace our dissolving naked consciousness and I found myself in my room and her coming out of my bathroom in her underwear only to throw herself at me and I could feel the warmth of her body on mine and I felt my skin tighten and her smooth skin caressing my stomach and she placed a kiss on my neck and moved down my body before backtracking to kiss me passionately while grabbing my hard-on and gave me a blowjob and I felt nothing but bliss and pleasure and she took her panties off and sat down on me and she began to pump up and down and moan and shout and she grabbed my hair and put her arms around my neck as she came and I came and we lay there in silence and she asked me if I had put on a condom and I said I didn’t and she sighed and we cleaned ourselves up and fell asleep next to each other breathing in each other’s alcoholic breaths.

Profile: Michael Koh

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