“omerta” by Letson Williams

and soon it was known she deserved the same thing she got
i thought i could show some support but found i could not
the light i thought she’d misread filled my own brittle head
with the grace of one joseph spence
lacking so much more than sense
the tension high

for more information suspending due process of guilt
no reaction felt amongst us we were both too well built
i made mention of fact she with her clothing intact
i didn’t think she could see until she said the faith was in me
if i promised to die

took so long to forgive even the simplest of things
swore she didn’t like jewelry but still she wore rings
i was seven feet tall she didn’t notice at all
i made too much to think
but she just had too much to drink
too much to drink and beautiful eyes

time can change so much to find no change at all
habits were too hard to break and it seemed like a wall
where nothing had been you know we used to be friends
i couldn’t move so to speak her lies were so fucking weak
there was no surprise

theft wasn’t spoken but i knew that it was everywhere
i liked the people she’d chosen even when they were there
i felt so much like me a good place to be
she smiled and made me relax
so i made her part of my past
like nick drake’s northern sky

infinity repeated itself for the finest of them
she was so very precious before she had men
her decision was sure my heart was still pure
listen now so to fail
it still seemed like a jail
and it just made her cry

Profile: Letson Williams

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