“the functions of a brain” by Patrick Riedy

sunlight cuts the corner
slits of shade lie
on a stack of papers
spread out over the table
and floor

various geometric figures
stain pages
similar to objects made
by lines of the hardwood floor
or legs crossed

one is created by
the hand on your head
propped by an obvious elbow
far across the table

you’re the type of man
who can wear a mustache well
drinks coffee in a cup
that would more accurately
be named a bowl
in most parts

intently typing away
on your latest mathematical epiphany
silently studying the shapes
mostly triangles
that seem to point toward everything

you’ve dreamt too much
since you two met
took every shape
as part of human’s design
the proof you search for
is too clear to be called anything
except abstract and vague

the naming of things
is the cause for your concern
perfect numbers
are easily uncovered

the resonance of words
is a deceptive comfort
polish your heart
find a relative term
to satiate the unstable

Profile: Patrick Riedy

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