“stop looking for the noose” by Letson Williams

i know i was
younger then
and that’s still
the plan
for as long as
i can

the scuff marks
on his floor
tell stories
that aren’t quite true

when you lose
the ability
to stand
look straight
hold still
reach for my hand

this is easily worth a dollar

one night
just a little while ago
i sang to the wind alone
tried to push the
to falsetto

there are no deserts in the midwest

i’ll tell him myself
once and for all
the right thing
is seldom
the thing that is done
the blue sky turns black

take off your shoes
stop looking for the noose
now is not a time
and the deal’s gone wrong
did you call
i’m not drunk enough to sleep

it made an impression
the applicable rate
leave a message
who does that

keep going
don’t stop
let’s not argue about it
i’m trying to get you out
take me home
take me home
take me home

Profile: Letson Williams

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