“having a designer doesn’t put us at rest, truth is not as important as good behavior” by Letson Williams

The various modes of worship, which prevailed in the Roman world, were all considered by the people, as equally true; by the philosopher, as equally false; and by the magistrate, as equally useful. -Edward Gibbon
(1776)(Chapter II: The Internal Prosperity In The Age Of The Antonines.—Part I. Second Paragraph)


fellow mercurians lend me your resumes lend me your lines

took to practice
busting match heads
with alice
we all want the same thing
friend to man
the in group
tall to stand
three pages a day
and forty eight pages behind

early morning

self addresses
the curls make smiles
that make waves
upon a working man’s things
time isn’t up
but it’s filling the cup
and that is almost enough
leaves leaf
leath wreath

when you play only longshots
you will win big
just a matter of when
and the long in-betweens

the quintuple spaces
the lip line traces
and the lack of motivation
to solve anything beyond
and temporal concerns
the heartbeat is learned
not fated
or earned
like anything else
and unbeknownst to itself
here’s one to your health

your wealth

in the end
you were a punchline
you were the fat man
you were a joke
my curse against them
is that i believe you
my curse against them
is hope
don’t know which one
of you was
and i don’t care how much
you stole
i give it to you for trying
here’s what i know

the metal has a memory
it knows just the way you bent
and it’s waiting to go back
like you’re waiting to go back

i knew the catch before i saw the movie
they told me ‘rosebud’ was the sled
i heard what it really meant
i heard what it meant

did you run out of future did your future get used up did you run out of time orson
or just run out of luck

it was armistice day it was opening day
i was sorry but we needed you on the twenty third floor
and if they can’t find you
they can’t hate you
or at least that was the plan
until the greatness of CAN

don’t confuse success with love
and don’t believe in luck
it never did me any good

it is nothing but
a slave-ish kind of worship

faith based
like that’s a good thing
roosevelt called upon god god
all opposed
and nod

the real issue
is the theft
of anything that can be dollar signed

Profile: Letson Williams

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