“This and Everything Around Us” pt. 2 by Michael Koh

These are selections from a transcript of a memory between Despina Koutromanos and Keith Burke at a coffee chain on the corner of an intersection somewhere in New York City around lunchtime.

. . .
DK: Try this coffee, it’s not half bad.
KB: I had coffee this morning.
DK: Aw come on, try it Keith, I promise I don’t have herpes.
. . .
KB: Look at that guy at that table by the door. Looks like he’s got alopecia.
DK: I think he just shaves his head all the time.
KB: You think so?
DK: No, I don’t know.
KB: Let me have some of your coffee.
. . .
DK: Are you really serious about this?
KB: Yeah, I am. Stop leaning in so close to my face, I can smell the garlic on your breath.
DK: Asshole.
KB: It’s bleached.
DK: Mine are too. I guess we’re the perfect couple.
[a moment of silence]
KB: I guess you just answered my question.
DK: Yeah, I guess I did.
. . .
KB: Are you still talking to your ex?
DK: Sometimes. He calls me though.
KB: Why do you pick up?
DK: To make him feel like shit.
KB: I think you should stop talking to him.
DK: Maybe. Are you still talking to your ex?
KB: No. Why would I?
DK: Just wondering.
KB: And emotionally abuse myself?
DK: So you think talking to someone you’ve had a relationship with is emotional abuse?
KB: An intimate sexual relationship.
DK: You know what I mean.
KB: To myself yes.
. . .
DK: Keith, I like you.
KB: I like you too.
DK: Do you think we’ll remember this ten years from now?
KB: Remember this?
DK: Yeah. This and everything around us.
KB: I won’t forget.
DK: Me neither.

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