“still young enough to believe in love” by Patrick Riedy

young enough to believe
clouds make a ring
around earth

i consider it often
how the simple
hand in mine
pieces together
holes in time

railcars over broadway
made of metal rust
packed with automobiles
or possibly
chinese made cotton jars
leave enough room to dream

the lies you tell
to experience
how it feels
to pull someone close
the truth left behind
in order to find
a new savior

are we dead to the world
beyond words
is all we leave behind
invested interest
mistakenly placed
in one another

make of doubt
a good measure
consider and conclude
that most would choose
to waste away
in acid rain
or waiting on a westbound train

most of us believe
but fewer of us trust
that radio waves
carry much more
than scales
conversations or keys
through the summer breeze

Profile: Patrick Riedy

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