“thoughts should make a softer sound” by Patrick Riedy

you get used to the train
to the dark green water
and the idea of a family
with three daughters

potholes disappear
with residential watering holes
for pretty birds with worms

every time you hear that
big engine melody
it brings you back
to a time that didn’t exist

when faith was fear
and faddie was never there
pulling a steel train in and out
of the Buffalo snow

you get used to words
how everything is alright
when train is mistaken for rain
and whispers really mean laughs

there has to be more
than the security of dream
where lies are commonplace
in dealing with a pretty face

you get used to the rain
mistaking each drop for an oncoming train
you get used to wishing
thoughts should make a softer sound

Profle: Patrick Riedy

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