“change in the landscape (unlikely)” by Letson Williams

i use
is what it says
and that’s something to believe
there are no kinds of lives that spend time
in between

even tools  of this
my little trade
for a measure of control
that deal is often made
i use

is what i said
i know it’s what you heard
if  i were pressed
i wouldn’t need another word
if i were finished
there would be no use for you
there is so much left to do

the rest of this
is useless
unless you happen to take note
that the words i want to say
are not the ones i wrote

the ones i have to say
just keep sticking
in my throat
like when you’re standing still
but always pulling at my coat

i’m counting every note

i use is what it says
that’s what wins the war

hurt the most   knees on floors
kill a ghost   slam the door
be the boast    ask for more

here’s a toast  you’re such a bore

i use
is what it read
something to believe
the tricks she’d been accused of
were also up my sleeve

mine said i think
oblique   opaque
subtle gesture ending
change in the landscape

Profile: Letson Williams

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