“Motown Chuck” by Kris Price

Motown Chuck

The night gives way to their activity
standing there with a red bandana, oversized wife beater shirt,
tattoos covering his body telling an intricate spider web story.
He talks to his boys about how we was a cook for Stanford University,
and that he threw out his back working on the Bay Bridge.
The guys surrounding him blend into the background of the stairs,
and the wall.

His Lincoln Town Car is as big and brown as he is.
The rims have dice valve stems, and so do the locks inside the car.
He goes to the car to play some Motown music.
The red brake lights flare up.

On his back window sticks a Raider nation sticker.
He talks about the Bay,
telling them he has lived with his girl for thirty years, but never married
making a point that he doesn’t like anything sweet or pretty.

Profile: Kris Price