“To All You Women” by Torquato Tasso, translated by Katherine Kurtz

To All You Women

From Io V’Amo Sol Perchè

Io v’amo sol perchè voi siete bella,
e perchè vuol mia stella,
non ch’io speri da voi, dolce mio bene,
altro che pene.

E se talor gli occhi miei mostrate
aver qualche pietate,
io non spero da voi del pianger tanto
altro che pianto.

Nè, perchè udite i miei sospiri ardenti
che per voi sprago a i venti,
altro spera da voi questo mio core
se non dolore.

Lasciate pur ch’io v’ami e ch’io vi miri
e che per voi sospiri,
chè pene pianto e doglia è sol mercede
de la mia fede.

To All You Women

From Io V’Amo Sol Perchè

I love you simply because you are beautiful,
And because it is my way,
Not that I expect anything from you, my sweets,
Other than misery.

And if perchance you orchestrate
Some parody of pity,
I do not expect anything from your parade of sobs,
Other than tears.

Not even upon hearing my burning groans,
Which for your modesty I bury in the breeze,
Would I anticipate from you anything
Other than frustration.

Yet you encourage me, daftly,
To fawn over you sadistic bitches,
Though certain self-berating will be the only recompense
For my devotion.

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