“AM Flat Chips” by Josh Spilker

the time was 12:07 am. cooper walked to his kitchen. cooper opened the refrigerator. cooper found tortillas. cooper found mexican cheese. cooper found sour cream. cooper took the tortillas out of the refrigerator. cooper took the mexican cheese out of the refrigerator. cooper took the chicken out of the refrigerator. cooper took avocados out of the refrigerator. cooper took sweet potatoes out of the refrigerator. cooper took the sour cream out of the refrigerator.

cooper cut avocados. cooper cut sweet potatoes. cooper cut chicken.

cooper opened a drawer. cooper found saran wrap. cooper took out the saran wrap. cooper unspooled saran wrap. cooper cut saran wrap. cooper cut saran wrap 3-5 times.

cooper spread saran wrap over the avocados. cooper spread saran wrap over sweet potatoes.

cooper put the items in a trader joe’s brown paper bag. cooper opened his back door. cooper walked out to the food truck. cooper unlocked the food truck. cooper stepped into the food truck. cooper could not see.

cooper turned on some lights in the food truck. cooper sat on a small bar stool. cooper felt his pocket. cooper reached into his pocket. cooper pulled out his smartphone. cooper tapped the screen. cooper tapped on an app called “twitter.”

“going out/?wild taco shenanigans i mean hijinx in the poncey va hiland” cooper wrote into the twitter app. he had 35 twitter followers.

“seems like this is good, will find success and happiness,” cooper said.

cooper stood up. cooper walked to the front of the food truck. cooper slung his leg underneath the steering shaft. cooper slung his other leg underneath the steering shaft. cooper turned on the ignition. cooper backed out of the driveway.

cooper drove to virginia highlands. “ice cream trucks make pretty songs, i have no songs,” cooper said. cooper honked his horn. some guy with sunglasses and a collared shirt flipped cooper off.

“not sure why this happens,” cooper said. cooper pulled the food truck to a corner near virginia and highlands.

“seems like this might be a good area, it might not, sometimes blogs make things up and commenters do not always tell the truth,” cooper said.

cooper opened his window. cooper walked away from the window. cooper walked to the back near the prep table. cooper picked up a chalkboard off the table. cooper walked to the middle of the food truck. cooper opened the food truck door. cooper walked to the side of the food truck. cooper unfolded the chalkboard sign. cooper set up the chalkboard sign.

“seems like i maybe too old. seems like if i didn’t have ‘convictions’ and were ‘more easily swayed’ my life would be different. no ethics means more law school all the time, means more good time with elle, means no more ‘complications’ in life, just chillin bro with the flow,” cooper said.

cooper exhaled. cooper walked back into the food truck.

cooper heard a voice say, “what the taco hijinks?” cooper heard another voice say, “east euros not respectin the hispanic heritage.” cooper heard another voice say, “dammit i always lock my keys in my car over here,” followed by another voice in a tone of laughter.

cooper said, “whiny girls cry cry me a river or maybe just a small puddle for ‘lil’ frogs to play in, maybe.”

cooper looked at the window in the food truck. cooper looked outside the food truck. cooper saw stars. cooper saw foggy stars.
“everything is a possibility, that is what they tell you in the tight constraints of school,” cooper said.

cooper heard two voices. “taco hijinx, yo,” a voice said. cooper stood up.
cooper went to the window. cooper saw two people. cooper saw one boy in an atlanta hawks jersey and a new york yankees baseball cap. cooper saw a girl in ruffled leopard blouse and tight cotton pants. cooper saw the girl wore a gold necklace. cooper saw that the girl was taller than the boy.

“hello,” cooper said.
“got some chicken, we need some chicken,” the boy said.
“yes, i have chicken tacos,” cooper said.
“sweet, two chicken tacos” the boy said.
“sour cream too biotch,” the girl said.
“two tacos and sour cream too biotch,” cooper said. cooper ducked his head under the window. cooper turned to the refrigerator.

cooper pulled out sour cream. cooper pulled out chicken. cooper put tortillas on the george foreman grill. cooper heated chicken in the microwave. cooper waited approximately 2 minutes for the tortillas to grill and turn somewhat black/brown/wheat white. cooper put the chicken and sour cream on the tortillas. cooper sprinkled cheese on the tortillas, chicken and sour cream. cooper folded the tacos. cooper wrapped the tacos in aluminum foil.

cooper reached into the cabinet. cooper took out a plate. cooper put the two aluminum foil covered tacos on a plate. cooper handed the plate back to the boy in the Hawks jersey.

“i don’t want no chickens now, i want some flat chips.”
“cherise, girl…” the boy looked back to cooper.
“she don’t, we don’t want none of these,” the boy said.
“what do you mean?”
“not these, fer sure, somethin else, like flat chips,” the boy said.
“tortilla chips?” cooper said.
“yeah, tortilla chips,” the boy said. “how much now?”
“three dollars,” cooper made up a number.
“okay,” the boy handed cooper three dollars. the boy handed the chicken tacos back.
cooper grabbed some tortilla chips from a bag and put them in a small carton plate. he salted the chips. he put the chips in the microwave for 10 seconds. cooper took them out and handed them to the boy.
“nice,” the boy said.
“no chickens,” the boy said to the girl.
“i love flat chips,” the girl said.

cooper watched the boy and girl walk away. cooper thought, “miniature happiness comes in taco hinjinx onion. need to buy some onion, 70 percent chance business will increase,” cooper said.

cooper sat back down on the stool. he took one of the chicken taco he made for the boy and girl and unwrapped it. cooper ate the chicken tacos. cooper pulled out his smartphone. cooper found the twitter app. cooper looked under “followers.” cooper saw the number “37.”

“need some mad twitter hits for business, maybe that is my business and marketing plan; only on a need-to-know basis,” cooper said.

Profile: Josh Spilker