Two Poems by Christopher Sgroi

A Blue Forgetting

a warm melting
of bodies together

now, harsh texture is
just a backpack

and yet, to embrace
is to remember is
to remember to forget,

forget the nuances
of curving bodies

not because it
hurts to think

but because
it hurts to feel


atop the rocks,
an indignant pose,
plume white,
cackling at

my inability to fly.

to see
the best views,
with feathers,
laugh back

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“Say Something” by Christopher Sgroi

she said something about contentment
and how it’s not all it’s cracked up to be
and how it’s only a matter of time
until i feel it too
she said something about happiness
and how it’s not the same now
and how now’s her only chance

to have it

before it won’t do her any good
she said she’s transitioning emotionally
she said she’s mourning her past-self
as if her past-self were better
than her present-self
I told her memory deceives
she said she knew that
and that it didn’t make any difference

to her

she said something about forty-something’s only having
not happiness
i said she’s only twenty one
she said that doesn’t make her any less lonely
and that she didn’t want

to have her

life flash by yet
so i said something
and so did she

Profile: Christopher Sgroi