I’ve gotten some emails about this announcement in the past week and would like to clear it up and say that this was an April Fools joke.

Sorry that you were confused!


From here on out, we are only accepting Tweets.

We recognize that Tweets are the future. The 140 character limit (~130 if you add pictures) is the best creative limit that one can utilize to create poems, structured or not.

Send us your Tweets!


Screenshots preferred. (.TIFF, .PNG, .XML, .EXE)

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Thanks for flying with PressBoredPress.

Christmas Vacation: 12/24 to 1/1/13

We’re still alive.

It’s that time of the year again.

Where are you going? What are you doing?

We’re taking a two week long break this time. (12/24 to 1/1/13)

Merry Christmas — or is it Happy Holidays?

Don’t shoot your eye out with a Red Ryder.

Submissions are still open. Send us those presents our way.

Hurricane Sandy

I am in the middle of updating this website. The hurricane getting stronger. It jumped from ~30mph to ~50mph winds. I don’t know if my power will go out. The trees outside my house are swaying side to side. It is dark outside. The hurricane is due to hit NY in ~4-6 hours.

It’s projected to hit NYC around 2PM with a gust of apprx. 90mph.

Stay indoors, NYC Gov’t officials tell me. The winds are whipping around corners. The Hudson looks like it is angry.

Stay safe.


Call for Submissions

PressBoardPress has opened submissions to their first ever e-zine. Please submit through submishmash, but under PBP vol. 1, issue 1.

Please submit in a .docx or .doc format only.

3 poems maximum. Fiction, please keep it under 1500 words.

No multiple submissions. Again, we acquire first-time rights and after publication, all rights will be reverted back to the author.

It will be released in Summer 2012.

You can also submit to the website when you submit to the magazine.

6th Small Press Book Fair

Although it was a rainy, cloudy day, hundreds of people shuffled along the aisles in the Karpeles Manuscript Library on Saturday.

We had our table set up right next to the Special Collections at University at Buffalo table and was right next to Michael Basinski, the curator of the Special Collections and FLUXUS poet extraordinaire. He had us laughing throughout the fair. (We performed with him at WNYBAC and at the Anderson Gallery at UB and at the Albright-Knox.)

View from above

There were poets reading on the second floor at ten minute intervals. We, unfortunately, were unable to see most of them read because the table had to be manned. (Special thanks to Anne for looking after the items for the five hours we were there!) The fair, from beginning to end, was absolutely chaotic. People were everywhere and some brought along their kids. Lucky for them, we had free buttons.

Our table

Patrick sold his book, Home Poems and when we were together in 1954. Letson sold his book, Me and Me In A Lifeboat, and I sold my chapbook, The Temple of Misanthropes.

The books on sale

The fair, as you can see, was pretty much packed.

We also sat next to a screen printer who made some great posters and t-shirts. This one was our favorite:

The fair was tiring, but ultimately another learning lesson, and an occasion to remember.