Two Poems by Christopher Pérez

excerpts from The Story of the Pocho

My mission is to bring back küla mari kilos

However much that is
Doing it with both hands

I’m to leave immediately
Take residence at a place lit by blue lights in Salta

If I see a poet named Vicente Luy

But do it quietly
Watch in the distance without guilt

Let him kill himself
Then we’ll make crack

And I’m going to but Don Hugo says don’t do it
Your ankle’s broken in the 3rd world

So I take refuge in the Yellow Corral
Run away and sleep with Pachamama

I’m painting time markers for Ranquiles 2000

Ursa Major upside down’s
equivocal id est the bear’s
hibernating gratuitously

La wachiturra del hombre
Kukuracha had it in for me
Ayí in the desert of 1001

Patagonian nights
A fake el Verdadero in
la Plaza del Mayo

Around her motorcycles
revving up
Total porkería Troma

“Surf Nazis Must Die”
or maybe a coffee table
Botero for the Real McCoy

Everything fat and
waiting to explode
buuum buuum buum

Profile: Christopher Pérez

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