“that time we got high and i disappeared for a while” by Michael Koh

I got high and saw a green cartoony squirrel with a headband holding a bomb over its head while it had a evil smile and a cigarette in its mouth on a brick wall on this really tall building that looked over almost the entire city but the building was the only one above 20 stories for about 20 blocks on all sides so it was like the first town in that Zelda game where that tree is the tallest thing and the village is built around it and the entire village is colored in all derivatives of green and the lighting is pseudo-extraterrestrial but the fact that there are ferns reminds you that it is an earth-like setting and you look around you and you are a cartoon character and you have these big-ass eyes and you have this grey, round sword that changes shape, but just a little bit as you move and you’re thinking that it’s pretty cool but you remember the building but it doesn’t really hold your attention because you’re on a white horse that has lightning-blue manes and has this stinky-evil grin and you have a spear in your hand and you’re fighting but you don’t know what you’re fighting because there’s a deck of cards over your right eye and the chariot that the things are on move to the left but now you can see that the person you need to fight is colored green and his hair is darker green and looks like the Grinch but not really because he has dark purple lenses on his glasses and the sky turns purple and there are torpedoes that are colored light-grey and coppery-gold and ivory color or something like the color of the china plates from Beauty and the Beast and the girl had red hair or something and the dance hall has this table cloth that has yellow stripes that make 1/4th a square on each corners of the cloth and remember the teapot that looked like an elephant with green eyes that reminded you of Indian women for some reason and the only reason that people forget that Indian people have green eyes are because when you see a white person with green eyes it’s more attractive or something because their green is more ‘deep’ and ‘vibrant’ and usually the green-eyed people are pale and for some reason you think of milk and whole milk and heavy cream but you are lactose-intolerant and if you drink dairy you end up in the bathroom for a couple of hours and you could be playing video games or talking to people or eating some food but you have no time to do that and you can taste some bile and stomach fluids and you think you have little time to think and you feel bleaker and bleaker but you remember you are with someone who loves you and what you’re doing right now is not doing her any justice because you love her and she loves you and all you want to do is be next to her but you feel like shit and the world treats you like shit and you don’t know what to do because all you can do is sit and watch like everyone else and you feel like no matter what you do you will never win but you know like everything else everyone you know and everything you know is true will die and end and will not matter and you feel okay for some weird reason and know that the end is inevitable and feel this is too cliché and you think of something that makes you feel better but you can’t think of anything but suddenly a hand-drawn pig sitting in a large dish of water made of wood reinforced with iron with some writing on its belly and it has sunglasses on and you feel like you have nothing wrong with life and some fool on TV moans and groans about some food that you know you’ll never ever get to taste but you can almost smell that delicious bark-like leathery barbeque sauce and you salivate and realize that the light is off where you stand and so, I finished peeing.

Profile: Michael Koh

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